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Notice to All DSW Providers

The registry is currently entering DSW forms in the date order in which they are received. Delays are being experienced due to the high volume of forms being received. In order to assure that we do not have to return your forms to you and avoid unnecessary delays, please be sure that you have submitted the correct forms and that they are completed in their entirety. They must be signed by the designated representative for your agency. This is the individual whose signature is currently on file with the registry. If you need copies of the DSW forms, please call the registry office at 225-295-8577 and the auto attendant will give you the opportunity to leave the name and mailing address of your agency and your facility code. The forms will be mailed to you by the next business day.

You may continue to check the registry web site at www.labenfa.com as it is being updated daily with new entries. Please be certain that you click on the DSW registry. It is only necessary to enter the SS# for the DSW in order to see if they are on the registry. You may also access additional information on the DSW registry on the DHH Health Standards web page at http://www.dhh.state.la.us/offices/?ID=112.

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